Even before the crisis invoked by Covid-19, it was becoming clear that governance has become a central aspect of running all areas of our industry.  As organisations need to become more accountable to their many and varied stakeholders, leaders will be expected to be able to answer more and more questions on this topic to more and more people.

Launching in early 2021 and led by acknowledged experts in this field, the PBSL Governance Forum aims to provide senior executives and non-executives in sport with answers to key questions on this vital topic as well as tackling some more challenging and complex issues related to this vitally important topic.

Who can join?

The Governance forum is for the leaders of the sport industry and will bring together sports people, management, board directors and policy-makers.

What will the forum offer?

The forum will meet monthly to discuss how to avoid the pitfalls created by low standards of governance and to look at what ‘good’ looks like.

It will also offer access to workshops that provide training on the role, rights, responsibilities and duties of boards and directors of sports bodies. 

More details will be announced in early 2021.


Reserve your place at the first forum

The first forum will take place on Tuesday 2 March at 17:30 and is free to non-members.