The PBSL network is made up of credible, experienced and professional leaders that make an impact within the sporting industry.

We believe that the strength of this network has enormous value to our membership and the wider sports sector.

We want our members to learn, grow and develop when they join with us. We also know that many of our members like to ‘give-back’, share and support others.

Therefore, we are creating a pool of internal mentors/coaches (made up of our membership) that will freely offer their time to help ensure fellow members are better resourced to pursue opportunities and navigate challenges.


Receive expert training to become a mentor

Offering advice, support, a sounding board or even a challenge to current thinking, our internal pool of mentors/coaches will be expertly trained by multi award-winning coaching leaders, The Business Coaching Academy (The BCA). 




If you would like to become a PBSL Mentor/Coach or receive the support of the PBSL Coaching and Mentoring Network, contact us at or register your details below. 

Coaching & Mentoring Network

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