Membership to The PBSL doesn’t just benefit professionals within the sports industry, it also benefits the organisations they work for.

Many of our members have had employers fund their PBSL membership as having staff trained by experts in areas such as wellbeing, diversity and governance has brought new thinking and skills into their business.

With access to dedicated sports courses, content, mentor programmes and resources, a PBSL membership is a valuable tool for companies to provide their employees with.

How it works

  1. The PBSL supplies a membership brochure for you to take to your employer
  2. The employer confirms what level of membership they would like to take out for you
  3. The PBSL sets up a payment system with your employer either through BACS, Direct Debit or invoicing
  4. Once confirmed, The PBSL shares a registration link allowing you to create your own account and gain access to PBSL memberships features.



If you are a sports industry professional and would like to receive more information on memberships paid by employers, let us know by requesting more details below.

Memberships paid by employers