The Rugby League World Cup 2021 has joined forces with the Professional Body of Sports Leadership to provide support and development opportunities to their entire team.

The ground-breaking event, which for the first time sees the men’s, women’s and wheelchair events taking place simultaneously, will be played in October and November with a total of 61 matches staged around the country.

The organising body, RLWC 2021, is led by Chief Executive Jon Dutton and currently has a team of over 40 people.

The partnership will ensure all RLWC 2021 staff members will have access to a complete package of professional development opportunities and individual support including:

  • Peer to peer guidance and mentoring
  • Education courses and resources
  • Exclusive content & podcasts
  • Career guidance and advice
  • Wellbeing support
  • Individual and Team profiling

CEO Jon Dutton said: ‘The Rugby League World Cup 2021 are delighted to offer its team-mates the opportunity to join PBSL as part of a bespoke partnership.

‘We recognise that the RLWC2021 is a pop-up company and that many of our team-mates will only be with us for a relatively short period of time. It is really important to us that we stimulate professional development opportunities along with career pathway planning throughout peoples’ time with us and the PBSL is the ideal body to help us do that’.

PBSL Chair Tom Sears welcomed RLWC 2021 to the PBSL by saying: ‘The Rugby League World Cup is the biggest event in the country this year and we are delighted to be working with Jon and his team.’

‘By the very nature of the tournament, people’s time working on RLWC 2021 is timebound and we will be working with the team to ensure they can use this fantastic event as a springboard to their future career in the sports industry by providing support, guidance and advice through this partnership.’


For more information on how a partnership with the PBSL can benefit your organisation, email