The PBSL is a membership body for current and aspiring senior executives, high performance specialists and non-executive directors in the sports industry

London, UK – 14 October 2020:

The Professional Body of Sports Leadership (PBSL) has launched today to provide support and professional development opportunities for individuals across the sports industry.

With the current global pandemic posing complex challenges, a supportive and representative industry body is needed now more than ever. The PBSL will assist members to navigate these turbulent times, provide comprehensive support and help them to evolve as confident, agile leaders and enhance their skill sets. It will also create industry-wide dialogue and act as a voice, confronting issues and provide tangible solutions.



The UK-based sports industry employs an estimated 570,000+ (DCMS 2018). As a central independent platform, the PBSL is dedicated to enabling its members across the industry to achieve their personal best.  It will provide peer to peer support and coaching, seminars, workshops, education courses and networking, as well as personal support in the form of mentoring, wellbeing guidance and legal advice.

Led by experts with extensive experience of holding senior positions in the sports industry, it aims to drive the development of a new standard in sports industry leadership and governance, actively promoting inclusion and diversity in all its forms and working to safeguard mental health and wellbeing.

In an industry first, members will have the opportunity to join a professional membership organisation dedicated to supporting professionals in the industry and be part of an open, community, where they can connect, collaborate and share best practice. From high performance specialists, senior executives and non-executive directors to industry newcomers, students and those wishing to transition into sport, the PBSL will share differentiated ways of thinking and cultivate collective knowledge.

Tom Sears, Founder and Chair of the PBSL, said:

“The PBSL offers a new dimension to individuals in the sports industry, providing informative content, personal guidance, education and development opportunities, innovative perspectives and diverse insights. In doing this, it will improve leadership and governance in the industry for the wider benefit of society, actively promoting diversity in all its forms, supporting individuals to develop professionally and safeguarding their mental health and wellbeing.”

Zarah Al-Kudcy, Head of Commercial Partnerships Development at Formula 1 and  PBSL advisory board member, said:

“Not all sport was created equal and consequently, there is an inequality in support and opportunities for the people within it. The PBSL will help shape and provide a more formal structure to those looking for guidance.

“The PBSL is an objective, transparent and informed entity to aid an industry that is continually evolving, with an ever-increasing focus on people. Cross collaboration continues to drive change whether across sports, management levels or sectors and the PBSL wants to increase the frequency with which this happens.”

Jon Massie, Global HR Director at SailGP and PBSL advisory board member, said:

“The PBSL is an opportunity to work with like-minded individuals to make a real difference to the daily lives of many people both within the sports industry and those looking to enter the industry. I am often asked how to join the industry, or how to succeed in a career in sports and the PBSL will provide answers and support to many individuals in exactly that situation.

“By providing a support network, with development opportunities for current and future leaders, it will not only make lasting differences to the lives of individuals in the industry, but also fast-track required movements in areas that are crucial both now and in the future. By providing opportunities for two-way engagement and self-development the PBSL and its members, will be there to help guide and support each other through their careers.”