Nicola is a Chartered accountant with +10 years’ Investment Banking experience and is currently pivoting into the commercial world of sports partnerships. During her time at Goldman Sachs, she held positions managing C-suite hedge fund relationships within Prime Brokerage, advising on internal risks and governance within Internal Audit and sat on numerous internal committees. She combines strategic, operational, and commercial mission with a deep understanding of financial oversight and risk management. She is currently studying Sport Marketing, as well as being an active member of Women in Football and an aspiring NED/trustee.


How do you think you will be able to help others as a PBSL mentor?
With years of corporate experience, I can help others navigate through difficult situations or decisions in a professional and considered manner. I was both a mentor, a peer mentor, and a mentee at my previous firm so have seen all sides of the dynamic. I can provide independent and candid advice or thought leadership delivered within an empathetic wrapper.


What type of knowledge and experience are you looking forward to sharing?
I have financial expertise and have acted as an advisor for C-suite level clients in a professional capacity adding to both academic knowledge and experience of advising all levels of seniority. I have experience from outside sport and lessons learnt in a corporate environment. I have moved roles internally within a firm, successfully navigated multiple promotions and compensation conversations, undertaken intense studies while working full-time and am also currently pivoting to a new industry. I can share lessons learnt from my current job search and networking efforts, along with advice that I’ve picked up along the way.


What were the key things you learnt from the mentor training?
My key takeaways were to be authentic, use active listening and to be a coach first, and then a mentor when needed. I also particularly liked the concept of suggestive implants and ensuring ownership of the mentoring relationship and goals of the session sitting with the mentee.


How do you think your career would have benefited if you had a mentor when first starting out in the sports industry?
As I am currently breaking into the sports industry, I have live and relevant experience first hand of how helpful both formal and informal mentoring relationships are. It is helping me to stay focused, stay positive and stay targeted in my search. It is also helping me decide what type of role and organisations would be the best fit for me to ensure I end up in a role suited to my skillset and career goals.