Ross is the current Executive Director of Oriam, Scotland’s Sport Performance Centre and a player/Assistant Manager at Montrose FC.


How do you think you will be able to help others as a PBSL mentor?

Having previously completed a Coaching qualification, I look forward to using the tools and techniques I have developed, especially through additional PBSL training in this field, to support individuals from within the PBSL to develop their potential.


What type of knowledge and experience are you looking forward to sharing? 

Having invested significantly in my own personal development over my career, I can use some anecdotes from my experience to support the development of our relationship.


What were the key things you learnt from the mentor training?

I enjoyed the exploration of both coaching and mentoring methodology and how both can be combined in sessions to the betterment of the conversation.


How do you think your career would have benefitted if had a mentor when first starting out in the sports industry? 

I am in the fortunate position of having lived that experience and can say that there is not a chance I would have been an Executive Director of such a respected organisation as Oriam, at the age of 33, if I hadn’t!